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Who We Are

Ian Wilson Events is a service provider which:-

  • Has an established reputation for providing a first-class support service to companies who sponsor and exhibit at conferences in the UK and throughout Europe and Scandinavia.

  • Is the largest contractor for companies attending Graduate Recruitment Fairs and Law Fairs at UK Universities and in Europe.

Where We Are

City of London skyline

In contrast to other service providers Ian Wilson Events is based in central London at the Elephant & Castle. This is not just an office but storage and warehousing as well. The advantages of this are:-

  • We are ideally situated for the many conferences held in hotels in the West End and City.
  • We can offer exceptionally competitive rates to service London events
  • We can provide an efficient and cost-effective service to Companies based overseas, who can send their equipment to us to be serviced by us at London Events.
  • We are located close to our clients' offices in the City and Docklands enabling close liaison and the ability to deal with matters, and take on assignments, at short notice.

What We Do

An assembled exhibition stand at an event

We transport, deliver, set up and dismantle Exhibition stands. We are experienced in working with equipment from all the major suppliers of Pop-up (umbrella) and other modular stands through to bespoke purpose-built custom-designed kits.

Contact Us

Contact Us

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Where We Work

City of London skyline

Because we are located in central London, and ideally suited to getting to the main London venues, it is inevitable that a great deal of our work is involved in servicing London conferences However, we regularly service conferences throughout Europe and Scandinavia for our London-based clients.

How We Work

Two Ian Wilson Events vans

The core activity of Ian Wilson Events is to set up and dismantle clients' equipment at conferences, exhibitions and other events. For UK clients therefore our regular service starts with collection of the stand and all materials from the client's offices. For overseas clients we start with taking delivery of the materials sent to us via DHL/Fedex. Once in our warehouse the service is the same for all clients and continues with:-

  • Delivery to the venue & set up of the stand and layout of materials if required
  • At end of event Dismantle of stand & Removal of all materials
  • Return to client’s offices whether in London or overseas
  • This service applies whether the event is in London or in Europe.

Where ever possible we work on the 'consolidation' basis of working with more than one client on any project. This enables us to spread costs and give a better price to all clients and participants and is particularly important when servicing events further afield.

London Service to Companies Based Overseas

Two Ian Wilson Events vans

Our central London location makes us especially suited to serve companies wishing to exhibit at a London conference or exhibition.

Rather than send exhibition materials to a hotel or conference centre companies send their materials to us and we deliver to the venue and carry out the set up/dismantling of the exhibition stand on the appropriate days.

Using this method avoids all the difficulties of finding materials at a hotel or tracing them when they have not arrived. It enables companies to send their materials further in advance of the event rather than the day before. We are on hand to assist over import and customs issues and once cleared through customs the materials are delivered to our warehouse prior to the event. Then on the day of the event we will deliver them to the venue and carry out the set up. Please e-mail if you are supporting a London event and interested in using our service.