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Storage, Pick and Pack

Ian Wilson Events offers storage to companies using our careers fairs and conference services. Storing items at our warehouse also allows your company to use our despatch service for consignments not suitable for our service capability.

For Companies Attending Careers Fairs

During the Autumn 'milkround' season we offer free storage at our London warehouse for clients that are using our service to careers fairs. This can be extended outside of the season with our charges based on volume of collateral being stored.

For Conferences

Having central London storage allows us to receive deliveries for conferences in advance of the event. This can have great benefits if the shipment is arriving from outside the EU as your company can be confident that the items have cleared customs and are ready to be delivered directly to the event.

Integration with Despatches

Our despatch service allows your company to request orders of specific items stored at our warehouse.

Storage Management

Shelf counts of stock and inventories of equipment are provided on request.

More Information

For further information, please contact us.