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Our Despatch Service

Ian Wilson Events has developed a despatch service to get collateral, equipment and giveaways to events that we either do not service or where it is not cost effective to provide a service to.

How the Despatch Service Works

Table of Despatch Bookings

We accept despatch bookings via email, spreadsheet or phone. These are entered in to our database and queries raised regarding further information where needed.

We manage the appropriate service, date and amount of management needed using the information you have provided. If you require regular updates, they can be supplied.

Integration with Serviced Events

Despatches are often delivered and picked-up by our own technicians if we are in the same city or town for a serviced event. Using our own staff gives us unparalleled quality of service.

Where it is not possible to deliver ourselves, an external courier will be used. We have formed good relationships with many courier companies and a wealth of knowledge of which service is best for each despatch, whether it is complex customs arrangements through to the most cost effective option.

Integration with Storage, Pick and Pack

Materials and equipment for despatches are generally stored in our warehouse and would typically include brochures, giveaways and small display equipment such as pull-up banners.

Each job is picked individually with the quantity of items specified in your booking.

Stock takes can be provided on request to help your company plan the allocation of materials and number of despatches.

Use the following link for more information regarding our storage, pick and pack service.

Typical Despatches

Some examples of typical despatches are shown below. These only describe a few of the services we provide.

  • Small UK Event with a Banner and Materials

    This is the typical event despatch and within the UK would involve sending the items a few days prior to the event to a contact given to us by your company. We will then arrange collection after the event and bring the items back to our London warehouse.

  • Banners, Brochures and Giveaways to a Europe Event

    As with a UK despatch, we would despatch to an address and contact you have provided. We monitor all our shipments to ensure they arrive on time and can provide proof of delivery if needed.

  • Large Number of Small Consignments for Student Reps

    We can take despatch bookings via spreadsheet which makes requesting a large number of small despatches very easy. Define what you need per despatch and when you need it and we will book it in to our system and organise the despatches.

  • Extremely Urgent Shipment to some part of the World

    We have links to several large courier companies and can therefore take advantage of their next-day services where available. If you have a very urgent despatch, contact by phone and we will let you know if we are able to despatch it.

  • Event not on Main Ian Wilson Events Schedule

    If we are servicing an event you have booked and it is not cost effective to send one of our own vans (if the event was on the continent, for example), we can despatch the items and then send a technician to assemble the stand and arrange the return of items to London.

Further Information

For further information, please contact us.