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Our Service to Careers Fairs


Ian Wilson Events initiated the concept of consolidating work of several clients for these events in order to keep prices down and to work efficiently. We are now the largest service provider in this area and handle accounts from all spectrums of the Recruitment scene.


The service is to meet our clients' needs and transport stands, literature and collateral to the University venues to be set up in advance of the events. This enables the client to be ready for the start of an event with the minimum of trouble and hassle to themselves. At the end of the Fair the reverse procedure takes place and the materials are all removed and transported onto the next venue.


We provide a storage service at no charge for the duration of the months of September to December. The client is then happy for us to take into storage all the materials needed for the events. This is both efficient and essential as there is little time available between events to re-stock etc.

Forward Planning and Flexibility

Because of the intensity of the events, forward planning with flexible transport arrangements is essential to achieve a good service. Our service has been finely tuned over many years of activity to offer the best and most flexible service, that is able to respond to our clients' changes and alterations at very short notice.

Integration with Despatch Service

Although we service the vast majority of fairs in the Autumn season, there will be times where we are not attending small events or cannot provide a competitive price. For these times, and other scenarios we provide our despatch service. Please see The Despatch Service for more.

More Information

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